Yemelyanova O. V., Odnoral O. A. Verbal and nonverbal means of influencing the addressee in the modern English discourse of comics







In this research the modern English discourse of comics is investigated. The aim of this research is to uncover the means of influencing the addressee used in the modern English discourse of comics. To reach this aim, the notions of the discourse of comics and the verbal and nonverbal communication and means of influencing were determined. The following research is devoted to the features of the modern English discourse of comics and the kinds of verbal and nonverbal means of influencing the addressee used in the modern English discourse of comics.
The researched material proves that the addressee of the modern English discourse of comics is efficiently influenced by such verbal means as onomatopoeia (sound imitation), interjections, omission of language rules, an appeal to the reader, pun, the usage of slang, jargon etc. Among the nonverbal means we have found text formatting, text location, the stylization of balloons, pictograms and ideograms, visual metaphors and others.

Author Biography

Olena Yemelyanova, SumDu

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