Procedure of article publication

The editorial board of the journal “Filolohichni traktaty” appreciates its authors and their time. The procedure of the article submission is as simple as possible; the number of the accompanying documents is minimal. To publish your article you need to fulfil such conditions:

  1. Prepare your manuscript according to the general requirements for scientific articles and the conception of journal editorial policy. 
  2. Use the mechanism of on-line submission and download an electronic version of your manuscript, using the corresponding web interface or Е-mail:
  3. The manuscript is submitted to the editorial board together with authors’ data (full name, scientific degree, academic status, full title of the institution, where the author works, title of subdivision, position, ORCID ID, telephone number), copies (scanned copies) of the filled-in and signed Agreement on the authors’ rights assignment, Certificate of completion of the article publication in the edition “Filolohichni traktaty”Service provision agreement on the article publication in the edition “Filolohichni traktaty”.