Shchyhlo L. Fractal Self-organization of the German Word-formation System




word-formation system, linguasynergetics, nonlinearity, fractality, German language.


Nonlinearity the main term of synergetics, which allows the researcher to notify instability, diversity, non-equilibrium, the interaction of the plurality of processes within a single system. The basis for the determination of chaos in the language is fractals as the boundaries of objects having the properties of scale invariance, that is, there is a constant change of objects, but necessarily within a certain integrity of this phenomenon. Fractality is considered by us as a recursive-iterative process, which results in the generation of self-similar nonlinear structures, that is, fractals, which are crafted by a number of properties such as: dynamism, nonlinearity, self-similarity, recursiveness, fineness, and ability to self-development.

The article is devoted to the coverage of the German word-formation system as an open, dynamic, non-linear, non-equilibrium macrosystem, structured according to the fractal principle, where each of its fragments contains the «imprint of the whole». It has been discovered that the openness of word-forming microsystems leads to their potential for degeneration into more complex structures word-formation nests, which relate to complex non-equilibrium, nonlinear fractals. The word-formation nest is distinguished in comparison with the word-formation chain, the hierarchy of its structural organization, the greater degree of openness and nonequilibrium, the variety of attractors that the system may derive from the micro-level entropy. It is proved that word-fractality as dynamic multiscale recurrence is based on the isomorphism of semantic-word-formation connections, is a method of «gripping» the micro-systems of word-formation into a single whole and a guarantee of the internal integrity of the word-formation  macrosystem, the coherent interaction of its constituent components, which provides it with viability, dynamism and full-fledged functioning.



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Щигло Л.В. (2020). Shchyhlo L. Fractal Self-organization of the German Word-formation System. Philological Treatises, 11(1), 70–79.