Prokopenko N. To the question of the linguistic essense of the expression


  • Prokopenko N. Sumy State University


expressivity, expression, norm, connotation, pragmatics, style


The article is devoted to a complex linguostylistic category, that of expression, which is considered in a
relation to othe problems associated with connotative resources of a language system, its norms and usage. The
essence of expressiveness as a notion and its implementation in certain functional styles are paid attention too.
The nature of expression isrealized at the intersection of stylistics, semantics and pragmatics of the language.
The article includes a theoretical grounding of the category of expression in the linguistic works of famous
scientists (V. V. Vinogradov, O. I. Smirnitski, D. M. Shmeleva, etc.): theses being important for the research in
We paid attention on consideration of expression not only as an intralanguage phenomenon, but as a category
which can affect the outcome statements.
There is proposed a definition of expression as a pragmatic rhetorical category, which includes updating the
quality of linguistic expression through connotative possibilities of language resources.



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