Anokhina T. Lacunae in terms of scholars: the brief overview


  • Anokhina T. Kyiv National Linguistic University


lacunology, lacunicon, language/speech cognition lacunae, scholars overviews


The article opens a brief overview on lacunology as a newborn science, which is adherent to
sociolinguistics, nonverbal semiotics and applied linguistics (the object of investigation). The
research of lacunology considers the empty places of zero verbalization. The investigation is being
conducted in the lingo-cognitive approach in terms of language (i), speech (ii), and speech behavior
(iii). The paper is aimed at materializing idea of scientific picture of lacunology and its tomorrow‟s
vistas. The philosophic triad (to be or not to be, to cognize or not, status of people in cognition) is
being solved here positively. There exist white gaps (lacunae) in the world pictures, which with times
are cognized and verbalized. Relevant methods are involved. Priority is given to etymological,
conceptual, componential, and translation analyses. The choice of methods is determined by the
nature of empiric facts and aims to investigate them. The basic metasigns in the lacunicon vicinity
make an urgent and actual problem for further investigation.



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