Anokhina T. Оntognoseological treatment of metasigns: “genre”, “text” and “style”


  • Anokhina T. Kyiv National Linguistic University


ontognoseological approach, genre, text, style, modification, lacunology


The objects of the article are metasigns genre, text and style, their ontology and cognition. The problem
deals with proverbs in the modi of language, speech and speech behaviour. The empiric facts are extracted from
English and Ukrainian discourses. Methods applied are complex and up to date. But the basic device is that of
ontognoceological nature applied to small texts – namely: proverbs, riddles and aphorisms. The common and
different features of the latter are being analyzed via the power of attractors and repellers. The nature of proverbs
and sayings is considered in a way different from other viewpoints. The perspectives are outlined and forwarded.
The theoretic value of the research is verified by the tasks being set in the article. The practical value lies in the
didactic use of the results. The material for the research were relevant encyclopedias, authentic dictionaries, and
the experience of scientists on the issue. Working terms of the article are represented in the scientific mainstream.



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Анохіна Т. О. (2020). Anokhina T. Оntognoseological treatment of metasigns: “genre”, “text” and “style”. Philological Treatises, 8(3), 7–14. Retrieved from

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