Bondarenko O. E. Functional-stylistic potential of one-member sentences


  • Bondarenko O. E. Sumy State University


one-member sentence, functions, syntax, linguistics.


The attempt to generalize the views of modern researchers on the problem of determining of the
functional potential of one-member sentences in scientific, artistic (poetic, prose, drama, folklore),
and publicistic texts is given in this article.
The author determines that one-member sentences perform a number of functions: function of
dynamism, individualization and dialogic way of speech; generalization, psychologization,
enhancement of emotionality; detailing, transmission of the inner state of the speaker; expressiveexcerpted, evaluative, compositional, text-creating, denominative, descriptive; the function of the
conciseness of presentation, the reproduction of a situation, the transfer of the psychological state of
the speaker, the nomination of a particular subject or phenomenon.
Based on the analysis of current researches it is determined that in the scientific style onemember definite-personal, indefinite-personal, impersonal, infinitive and nominative sentences are
mostly used, in literature – definite-personal, indefinite-personal, impersonal, infinitive, nominative,
«nominative of an idea», existence nominative sentences are defined, in the advertising texts –
definite-personal, nominative sentences are found, in folklore – one-member negative existential
sentences. Also, the functional role of one-member sentences in these genres is described.



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