Chulanova G. V., Syzonenko M.I. Strategy of argument impact in american political advertisement.




strategy, argumentation, impact, political advertisement.


The article considers the strategy as a clearly defined plan aimed to achieve a communicative goal in the political advertisement. The basic elements of the argumentation and impact, their functions, as well as the importance of the communication for the participants have been thoroughly studied. In addition, as a result of the work of mwany researchers who also studied this topic, the notion of "strategy", "influence" and "argumentation" has been clearly specified. In the course of the investigation various bright pictures, touching stories and motivating speeches that create a great effect on the viewer have been analyzed. The advertisement is defined as an effective means of argument impact on the society in the political sphere of life. Based on the material of the reviewed American political advertisement, the main language tools that politicians use to achieve a specific goal are identified. From a number of different classifications, one was singled out for which selected examples of American advertising were actually investigated. An important part of the work was also to highlight the prospects for further researches within the chosen topic in linguistics and other sciences. At the own initiative, prospects for a more detailed study of the impact of advertisement were noted, whose effect is not less in other areas of society.



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Chulanova G. V., & Syzonenko M.I. (2020). Chulanova G. V., Syzonenko M.I. Strategy of argument impact in american political advertisement . Philological Treatises, 10(4), 76–84.