• Svitlana Podolkova Sumy State University


technical advertisement texts, stylistic and functional peculiarities, objectivity, accurate and logical expressing, reliability, clarity, functions of information and influence, emotional, expressive and evaluative means


Intensive exchange of scientific and technical information, important role of English in the intercultural scientific communication actualize the task to provide the information easy to read and analyze. The paper deals with stylistic and functional peculiarities of modern English scientific and technical texts, namely of technical advertisement texts. The functions of English scientific and technical texts are analyzed. The article presents the analysis of the linguistic and extra linguistic means of realization of the text communicative function. Our research has shown that the main features of technical advertisement texts are objectivity, accurate and logical expressing, reliability and clarity. Emotionality and expressiveness are contrasting phenomenon in the texts of this genre. The purpose of technical advertisement texts was determined taking into consideration that the newest achievements and results of studies are presented in the most effective and convincing way affecting the reader’s mind and emotions. The author’s intention is to arouse the interest of the addressee, make them believe the author, urge them to act. The research proves that the influence on the readers is carried out by the use of epistemic and linguistic means. The epistemic means appeal to the special background knowledge of the addressee and include reliable scientific and technical facts. The obtained results show that the use of the emotional and expressive linguistic means has effect on the reader’s emotions, provides vividness and expressiveness to written communication. Emotional and expressive coloring is achieved by the use of syntactical structures of contrast and comparison, rhetorical questions, emphatic constructions, syntactical parallelism, subjunctive and imperative mood. The use of figurative linguistic means (metaphors, comparisons, idiomatic expressions) serves the expressiveness of the presentation in the text. We have come to the conclusion that functions of information and influence are closely connected, but here the information function prevails. Linguistic means of influence play an auxiliary, though important role: technical advertisement texts are characterized by combination of emotional, expressive and evaluative connotations with factual information.




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