The Diary Genre in the Description of Anti-imperial Ideas in the Ukrainian Literature of the XVIII Century



diary, Ya. Markovich, M. Khanenko, historical and memoir prose, anti-Moscow ideas, retrospective view.


The  article  deal the general patterns and main trends in the formation and development of the genre of diary as a self-sufficient form in the national literature in the XVIII century, in the coverage of anti-imperial ideas on the example of memoirs "Home Protocol" (1717-1767) of General Treasurer Yakov Markovich, "Diary or Journal" (1722) and "Diary" (1727 - 1752) of General Cornet Nikolai Khanenko. Analyzes the special approach of J. Markovych and M. Khanenko to the creation of the diary genre. It is proved that the memoirs are characterized by a special manner of narration, reminiscent of a clerical reporting document. The authors described events from their own lives, intertwining them with national ones. Fixing the moments with inherent factual accuracy helped to create a holistic canvas of our history during the period of the development of imperial colonial policy in Ukraine. An important feature of the diary narrative is the conciseness and introversion of the narrative, which is explained by the concealment of independent comprehension and assessment of events by diaries. The social level of everyday poetics emphasized the colonial position of Cossack Ukraine in the eighteenth century. A systematic analysis of the genre features of the diaries "Home Protocol" by J. Markovych, "Diary or Journal" and "Diary" by M. Khanenko genre-wise and problematically interconnected with the Cossack chronicle, suggests that the superficial content of notes on historical events in Ukraine and abroad its boundaries, conciseness and introversion of the story, fixation of moments with factual accuracy, the intertwining of personal life events with national ones contributed to the establishment of anti-imperial themes in national literature, that influenced trends in national literature



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