Ya. Gnezdilova. Metapragmatics: social and cultual perspectives.





metapragmatics, metapragmatic analysis, metapragmatic awareness, linguistic ideologies.


The article is devoted to the definition and studies of metapragmatics which is generally understood as a new step in the research of pragmatic phenomena within pragmatics of metacommunicative utterances, discourse-analysis, and sociolinguistics. The relationship between metapragmatics and the theory of linguistic ideologies is revealed. Special attention is paid at highlighing main characteristics of metapragmatic analysis in social and cultural perspectives. In particular, metapragmatics is viewed as a constituent part of language social discourse where its ability to articulate speaking rules is realized; in the theory of speech acts it describes basic rules of how to comprehend communicative actions, characteristic of some society; its interplay with linguistic ideologies results in the existence of discourses of various genres.



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Я. В. Гнезділова. (2020). Ya. Gnezdilova. Metapragmatics: social and cultual perspectives . Philological Treatises, 10(2), 42–47. https://doi.org/10.21272/https://doi.org/10.21272/Ftrk.2018.10(2)-05