Kulish V., Zavhorodnia O. Preservation of the Suggestive Potential in Advertising Discourse: Translation Aspect





advertising discourse, advertising texts, suggestive potential, translation aspect, lexico-semantic transformations, communication


This article deals with advertising discourse and suggestive potential in advertising texts. Advertising discourse is considered as integral element of modern culture and society. Today advertising is a communication element, which combines participants of global market. An important factor of the suggestion is the preliminary reinforcement on the authority by the source of influence. It should be noted that the effectiveness of a suggestion depends on trust or distrust of the source information (the addresser) that affects perceptions. The effect of suggestion is described as correlation of linguistic factors and extralinguistic factors which actualized due to different lexico-semantic transformations. Suggestion by verbal means, that is the linguistic influence on the subsequent behavior of the addressee, is created as a result of the mutual effect of a large number of linguistic and extra-linguistic factors that constitute an act of communication. The text of an advertisement is the best example of the most effective use of linguistic means for the purpose of suggestion. Non-verbal component in advertising texts is represented by illustrative elements (illustration, photo); font (different size, type and color); way of placing marks on the page (direction), the color of the background. It is an integral part of advertising, which can not only emphasize and enhance the effect of the text, but also completely replace it. Our research is focused upon the translation aspect of investigation. It should be taken into account the specifics of both languages and the suggestive effect that this text should pass on to the consumer. The lexico-semantic transformations in the translation will allow any text to be adapted to the language of translation and will achieve the maximum effect of reproducing the original message and preserving its suggestive potential.



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В. С. Куліш, & О. М. Завгородня. (2020). Kulish V., Zavhorodnia O. Preservation of the Suggestive Potential in Advertising Discourse: Translation Aspect . Philological Treatises, 11(1), 43–48. https://doi.org/10.21272/Ftrk.2019.11(1)-5