Anokhina T. O. Lexico-semantic lakuna status interlanguage vectors


  • Anokhina T. O. M. P. Drahomanov National Pedagogical University


lacuna, semiotic/lexico-semantic lacunicon, discursive implication of textual and nontextual categories, intertextual gaps.


Reconstruction of lacunas, their explication make the object of the article in question. Attention is
being paid to the unverbalized lacunas in the domain of interlanguage communication. The
lacunization is being analyzed in terms of its ways and means, the sources of interlanguage lacunas
are also being focused upon. Lexico-semantic lacunisation, discursive implication of textual or nontextual categories are being analyzed ih the article.



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Анохіна Т. О. (2020). Anokhina T. O. Lexico-semantic lakuna status interlanguage vectors. Philological Treatises, 4(3), 14–20. Retrieved from

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