Tatsenko N. V. Еmpathy category in the light of linguistic emotiology


  • Tatsenko N. V. Sumy State University


empathy, empathic communication, empathic implicatures, emotiveness, expressiveness, intensiveness, evaluativeness.


The article presents systematization of linguistic interpretations of empathy as a cognitive and affective
phenomenon, and representation of different approaches to its explication in modern linguistics. The correlation
between emotionality and emotiveness is analyzed in the sphere of empathic communicative interaction within the
framework of linguistic emotiology. It has been found out that the categories of expressiveness, intensiveness,
emotiveness and evaluativeness are structural components and at the same time determinants of empathy, the
presence of which in communication complexes provides rational axiomatic tolerance and efficiency of
communication, and realization of empathic implicatures integrating into the phenomenon of verbal



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Таценко Н. В. (2020). Tatsenko N. V. Еmpathy category in the light of linguistic emotiology. Philological Treatises, 7(1), 50–60. Retrieved from https://tractatus.sumdu.edu.ua/index.php/journal/article/view/367

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