Dorda V. O. Socilingual parameters of American student slang


  • Dorda V. O. Sumy State University


social parameters, American student slang, socio-cultural aspects.


The research aims to identify the social parameters of American students in the prism the relevant type of
slang. During the analysis of the younger generation’s distinctive features from the society in general, the author
considers such basic elements as age (19-24), occupation (training and leisure) and the place (university, college).
Students are a group of young people who receive higher education which provides them not only with the skills in
a particular major, but also conveys the individual socio-cultural values, society culture, and contributes to
successful integration into society. The process of socialization is vividly displayed in the American students’
speech, including the usage of slang.). The author analyses the American students as a distinct society with its
universal language and lingual features on the basis of defined socio-cultural aspects (autonomy, socialization,
self-presentation, the system of value priorities, behavior standards, data interpretation, closedness).



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