Sidorenko I. O. Metaphorical model "religion is freedom" in the hispanic artistic discourse


  • Sidorenko I. O. Kyiv National Linguistic University


religious narration, metaphorical model, frame, concept.


This article presents a study of the metaphorical model functioning in religious texts. There are presented
scientific works on the subject and achievements of scientists in the field of linguistic studies. There are given
some examples of religion functioning in the life of a human being and a nation and its expression in Spanish
literature. There are explained metaphorical conceptual models and the peculiarities of their use in Spanish
religious narrative artistic works of Spanish authors, like B. Galdos, A. Matute, A. Ussia, H. Hironella. The texts
in this study are represented by such genres as novel, story and essay. There is determined the metaphorical model
"religion - means freedom" which is one of the instruments to influence the recipient. In the structure of the
analyzed models there have been identified the following frames: "the movement to freedom", "rebellion", "fight"
and which are presented by the examples from Spanish authors. Based on the analysis of the frames there
pragmatic potential realized in the religious narration is determined..



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