Yankovska Z. the image of home sn p. kulish’s short prost





Keywords: P. Kulish’s short stories, concept “Home – Field – Temple”, the image of Home.


In the year of 200th anniversary of P. Kulish’s birth, who was a famous Ukrainian writer, scientist, philosopher, translator, folklorist, historian, a person with encyclopedic knowledge, the topicality of this paper is determined both by the commemoration of this event and an attempt to scrutinize his works from a different angle.  

This paper offers the opportunity for new interpretation of P. Kulish’s short prose written in the Ukrainian language. The purpose of the study is to combine literary view on his fiction works and their analysis applying interdisciplinary method, partially involving archetypal method and comparative analysis which allows more “stereoscopic” view on characters and conflicts depicted by the author. To achieve this purpose, an archetypal concept “Home – Field – Temple” has been utilized, the universal nature of which was proven by K. Jung, M. Heidegger, H. Gachev, S. Krymskyi. This paper in particular contains the analysis of the image of Home in P. Kulish’s short prose. Thus, the analysis of the literary work has also involved certain philosophical categories. The abovementioned conceptual topoi form an existential basis of an epic work the recognition of which facilitates perception of the events in a work as not “plane”.

Basically, P. Kulish’s short stories also contain other existential topoi (“Field”, “Temple”) in the form of redefined fictional images which present prospects for the future research.

The abovementioned methods have already been used by the author to analyze certain literary works including P. Kulish’s historical novel “Chorna Rada” (The Black Council), in which Home is represented more as existential space whereas in the writer’s short prose it emerges as a fictional image with its characteristic features.

   Having analyzed the image of Home in P. Kulish’s short stories we can conclude that it integrates several meanings, acting as Home for a family, a house, a native neighbourhood, a village, reflecting the image of Ukraine.



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