Rudenko N. Pragmatic aspect of english public service advertising


  • Руденкo Н. В. Sumy State University


public service advertising, linguistic manipulation, linguistic strategies and tactics, language means, pragmatic orientation.


In the article the pragmatic orientation of English texts of public service advertising is analyzed, namely its manipulating strategies and tactics. Linguistic manipulating is especially important, because it determines the usage of language means on different levels to create the inherent influence on a recipient in public service advertising for reaching its main goal – driving to act. Nowadays the advertising message is less informative, but more manipulating and pragmatic. Verbal components in such texts activate the intellectual and emotional reactions of the addressee and cause corresponding actions. Such categories of advertising as anthropocentrism, information and influence stipulate its consideration in the aspect of linguistic pragmatics. The pragmatic analysis of public service advertising gives an opportunity to detect language means of argumentation, techniques and tactics of persuasion. The orientation on the addressee is characteristic to any type of communication, but the factor of an addressee determines the form and the content of advertising texts at a larger extent than in the texts of any other kinds of discourses.



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