Volkova S. V. Mytholoric space of amerindian novel-essay: narrative aspect


  • Volkova S. V. Kherson State University


Amerindian, construct, mytholoric space, narrative model


The article focuses on mytholoric space (my notion) of the novel-essay "Dwellings", written by Linda Hogan who is contemporary Native American writer (Amerindian). Mytholoric space of the novel-legend is considered to be the lingual and cognitive construct which narrative model is based on the principles of homogeneity of its elements (mytholoric images-symbols), discreetness that is the possibility of differentiating the kinds of these images, hierarchy of its elements (due to their ethnocultural meaningfulness types and kinds of mytholoric images may be levelled in the center of the space and on its peripheries both), and wholeness (coherence and cohesion of mytholoric space elements). Mytholoric space is considered to be the totality of mytholoric and mytholoric and literary images which embed into the literary space of the text and thus form its genre and narrative features, transform neomythologic consciousness of the author and ethnocultural worldview of Amerindians. Based on that the paper gives the step-by-step configuration of the narrative model of novel-essay mytholoric space.



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