I. Zhylenko. Comparative discourse: artistic journalism of Dmytro Dontsov and Mykhailo Artsybashev.





artistic journalism of Artsybashev and Dontsov, power of the writer-patriot.


At the thematic level of comparative studies, the peculiarities of artistic journalism of writers of the interwar twentieth anniversary period – the Ukrainian Dmytro Dontsov and the Russian Mykhailo Artsybashev, whose creativity has long been on the margin of literary science, is being explored.
The article outlines the main thematic horizons of the authors, which consist in solving relevant issues of contemporary reality related to political issues, art and emigration. The common and distinct dominants of their small prose of the 1920s – D. Dontsov’s essays and M. Artsybashev’s "Writer's Notes" have been characterized here.
It is found out that the style of artistic journalism of the Ukrainian and Russian artists is related to their militant position and the desire to bring it to the audience. Artsybashev and Dontsov are characterized by dynamism of thought, curling irony, certain tendentiousness, passionate argumentation, a large number of artistic means, and a special power of the writer-fighter. The journalistic style, typical for each of them, corresponds to the active position of the authors. Convincing arguments, accurate and clear conclusions of the writers encouraged compatriots to act. Another thing is the artists’ worldview: Dontsov is a consistent and irreconcilable Ukrainian nationalist, and Artsybashev is a monarchist.



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