Vashyst, T., & Domashenko, T. Specificity of Stylistic Component Translation in English Advertising Texts .

  • This article is devoted to the wide range analysis of stylistic figures usage in English advertising
    texts with the help of which the necessary images of advertisement massages in the minds of
    recipients are created. Contemporary language of advertising texts is changeable and dynamic, it is
    characterized by neologisms, jargon, slang units and breaking of literary stylistic norms.
    An advertising text, like any other subspecies of the texts, has its own genre specifics and
    communicative linguistic characteristics. A style unifies means of advertising texts and at the same
    time differentiates them, distinguishing from other ones. The style of advertising texts depends on the
    selection of components within both linguistic and semantic structures. The choice of stylistic devices
    depends on the pragmatic and social intentions of the advertisement.
    This article also considers the functional aspect of stylistic means in this type of information texts
    as well as peculiarities of translation into the Ukrainian language.
  • stylistic device, advertising text, communicative linguistic characteristics, translation.
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