Serebrianska, I. Pragmatics of Affixal Derivatives in the Lexical System of Education

  • The article deals with the problem of affixal word-formation and pragmatic function of the affixal derivatives in media discourse. It defines modern trends in the development of language and society and education in particular. The attention is paid to the growth of the activity of foreign affixal morphemes in the derivation processes of the Ukrainian language. Affixal doublets are analyzed thought the prism of their functions.
    The author comes to the conclusion that education affixal neologisms correspond to grammar rules of the Ukrainian language. They enrich its vocabulary with new meanings, but sometimes they complicate understanding of the material. They are image and expression products of the author which pursue the pragmatic goals that is especially important for the media. The word formation activity of foreign formants in the Ukrainian language is a result of extra language processes connected with the reform of the national education and its course to European integration.
  • affix, derivative, word formation, lexical system, education.
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