Omelchuk, Yu. Objectification of Frames “Sphere of Truth” vs “Sphere of Lie” (Case Study of Modern English Pseudo News)

  • Modern mass media are characterized by special significance in the field of communicative exchange, because the rapid development of media and their modification contribute to the emergence of new ways and methods of influencing the formation of society value orientations. The phenomenon of modern media space, an integral part of it is «fake news» considered to be an instrument of political struggle, identification of individual opinions and means of influencing the consciousness and views of others. Internet users are quite interested in humorous and satirical references, ironic messages – «fake news». The article clarifies the concept «fake», examines the influence of pseudo news on recipients, identifies conceptual fields which are constituents of the conceptual system of lies, traces linguistic and cognitive mechanisms of pseudo meaning formation in the texts of fake news due to the verbalization of the oppositional frames SPHERE OF TRUTH vs. SPHERE OF LIE.
  • pseudo-news, «fake», media text, concept, conceptual field, frame.
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