Mazurenko, V., Logvinenko, Y. Anthropological Vector of Ukrainian Science Fiction (after the novel of M. Rudenko ‘The Ark of the Universe’)

  • The article deals with the views of M. Rudenko to the person. It is proved that the emergence of numerous global civilization problems caused by anthropocentric world view of mankind. The writer proposes to overcome these problems by creating a new vision of world view of mankind – cosmic consciousness. It is revealed the immensity of ideas that included by the author in the science fiction novel: threats and the possible consequences of the use of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons. It is analyzed how the writer sees the person, the meaning of human existence, ways of self expression, forms of social structure, morality, worldview, norms and rules of coexistence on the planet and in the Universe. The author’s concept of the Universe and the place of mankind in it are shown.
  • антропологія, антропоцентризм, астероїд, людина, макрокосм, мікрокосм, наука, наукова фантастика, прогнозування майбутнього, розвиток, антропология, антропоцентризм, астероид, человек, макрокосм, микрокосм, наука, научная фантастика, прогнозирования будущего, развитие, anthropology, anthropocentrism, asteroid, man, macrocosm, microcosm, science, science fiction, future forecasting, development
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