Dziubina, O. Defining Status of the Newly Coined Lexical Units in English Segment of Twitter and Facebook Social Networking Services

  • A new research direction of modern linguistics is the Internet, which is the accumulation of not
    only information, but also is a conglomerate of linguistic units borrowed from the various fields of
    science and technology, spheres of life and human activities, and formed within this popular system
    of communication. Neologisms stand for innovation in every language and social networking sites are
    an exceptional field where new words seem to be popping up everyday. The field presents not only a
    great increase of new terms but also quick changes in its terminology.
    The article deals with the newly coined lexical units of English-speaking segment of Twitter and
    Facebook social networking services. The main distinctive features of slang and neologism were
    highlighted. The status of innovations emerging on these social networking services was defined as
    slang neologisms – newly coined slang words which are in the process of entering common use, but
    that have not yet been fully accepted into mainstream language.
  • slang neologism, social networking service, lexical unit, jargon, pragmatics, internet.
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