Bieliayeva, O. Yu. & Samokhina, V. O. Interpretative Expression of the Category of Information Value in the British Song and Dramatic Discourse

  • The paper concerns the study of various lexical means of interpretative expression of objects in modern song and dramatic discourse presented through the category of information value in the corpus of dramatical xsongs of modern British pop-groups The Rubettes, ABC, 5ive, Lucky Soul, Hurts, London Grammar, Years and Years. Connector row of objects in events, processes and situations in fictional space of existence of personages in song and dramatic situation is considered. The conclusion is made that lexical variety of objects of events and situations relating to the category of information value is mainly presented in an interpretative way on the basis of informative modus by nouns and pronouns. Perspectives of the study of ways for expressing category of information value in other global categories of song and dramatic discourse are outlined.
  • dramatic song, information value, informative modus, musical and communicative event, object of events and situations, song and dramatic discourse, song and dramatic situation, song and dramatic text.
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