Bidasyuk N. V., Kuchman I. M. The motif of home in Jhumpa Lahiri’s short stories

  • The idea of home is different for immigrants belonging to the ‘old’ and ‘new’ diasporas. For the former home is connected with homeland, place of origin, which prioritizes a look backwards, nostalgia, feelings of loss and abandonment. The new diaspora means mobility, courage, openness and transformation, going beyond the fixity of one’s identity. At the turn of the XXI century the traditional concept of (Indian) home is substituted by a polysemantic notion formed of travels and places both real and imagined which characterizes a modern fluid identity of an Asian American.
  • азіатсько-американський, стара діаспора, нова діаспора, флюїдність, мобільність, ідентичність, азиатско-американский, старая диаспора, новая диаспора, флюидность, мобильность, идентичность, Asian American, home, old diaspora, new diaspora, fluidity, mobility, identity,
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