Shvachko S. O., Korzh E. F. Word-Building Processes vs Slang Subsystem

  • The article in question deals with the word-building processes vs slang subsystem. Language is a
    special system of various social processes are being reflected. Speech reflects the social stratification
    in the variety of forms and patterns. Researchers pay considerable attention to the sociolectal
    dimension of language which consists of the sub-standards including slang. The formation of new
    units, verbal speech is enriched and multiplied. The branch of linguistics that studies the process of
    creating derivative words and their mechanism is called derivatology.
    The article deals with the study of most productive means of word formation which are
    conversion, abbreviation, compounding and their role in meaning of new slangisms in
    English. Polysemy (a semantic shift) stands apart. The conclusions drawn in the article are available
    for the theoretical and practical endozones of the linguistic.
  • lexicon of limited use, slangism, word-building, conversion, abbreviation,
    compounding, polysemy.
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