Shchyhlo L. V. Diachronic Aspects of Word-Formation System in the German Language

  • The article deals with evolutionary processes in the language. Wide possibilities within learning mechanisms of self-regulation of word formation as an open unbalanced non-linear system is provided by synergetics – a self-organization theory aimed at discovering general development principles. The subject of the study is diachronic aspects of word-formation system in the German language. The origin and semantic spectrum of word-formation formants on the different periods of the German language development are described. Special attention is payed to the modeling of self- organization process of word-formation means from the perspective of synergetic science. Applying the principles of synergetic methodology within linguistic researches is regarded as a new tool for studying both the language system in general and its subsystems in particular.
  • word-formation, diachronic aspect, synergetic methodology.
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