Nefedchenko, O. The Definition of Empathy in Linguistics

  • In this article various approaches to the definition of empathy were analyzed from the point of view of psychology and linguistics, difference between synonymous definitions «sympathy» and «empathy» was clarified. Such definitions as emotions, emotionality and emotivity were described. Emotions are the phenomenon that refers to the sphere of psyche, but emotivity – to the sphere of linguistics. Two types of emotive words were clarified. Different kinds of empathy were revealed: intuitive, rational, emotional, cognitive and behavioral. Characteristic of the definition of empathy was described, researches of native and foreign specialists concerning this theme were examined. Four stages of empathy expression were clarified: identification, incorporation, reverberation and detachment. Types of this phenomenon were revealed: cognitive and emotive (parallel and reactive). In this paper we examined the ways of empathy expression in oral dialogue and belles-lettres (fiction). Verbal and non-verbal ways of empathic communication make harmonious atmosphere between speakers, help them to understand each other better.
  • емпатія, емоційність, емотивність, эмпатия, эмоциональность, эмотивность, empathy, emotionality, emotivity
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