Kobyakova I., Habenko M. The Challenges of Legal Texts Translation in Terms of European Integration

  • The article deals with defining the current problems of legal texts translation. Nowadays the accurate translation of legal texts has become highly significant as the Ukrainian government have chosen the European way of development and the incorrect translation of documents could lead to negative consequences in this regard. Consequently, the translation of European Union legal texts into other languages, Ukrainian in particular, faces many difficulties on different levels. The paper points out the importance of performing a professional translation, which is one of the most important elements to be considered when discussing the language of law. Furthermore, the paper presents an overview of existing classifications of legal texts and their communicative purposes. This paper is also an approach to underline the relevance of the parallel education of translation students in connection with successful employment and career development.
  • legal translation, professional skills and competencies, classifications, terminology, communicative purpose, affinity the legal systems and languages.
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