Kalenyuk S. Functioning of sports lexis in the ukrainian media language

DOI:  https://doi.org/10.21272/ftrk.2018.10(1)-04 

  • The article is devoted to the problem of fixing the newest lexical components in sports terminology of two periods: the 90s of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century. To achieve this aim, the author solves the following problems: an overview of the dynamics of the functioning of sports vocabulary in the sphere of special social communication; identification of the main ways of replenishing sports terminology; comparative-genetic analysis of sports terminology of the 90s of the XX century and the present time in the media language. At the beginning of the XXI century sports terms operate in the special and non-specialized spheres of the linguosocium. The codification of these units is influenced by the media. Conclusions: the modern sports terminology uses more borrowings from other languages, especially from English compared to the nineties.
  • sports term, borrowing, media language, term, lexemes.
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