Horbolis, L. M. The Ecocultural Vector of the Main Character Image of the Novel «Highlander: Waters of our Lord’s Riverbeds» by Miroslav Dochynets

  • In the article the role and importance of traditions, customs, unwritten rules and norms, popular
    beliefs in the formation of the ecological culture of the protagonist was established on the material of
    the novel “Highlander: Waters of Our Lord’s Riverbeds“ by the modern Ukrainian writer Miroslav
    Dochynets. An attitude to the river, forest, animals, plants, birds, insects, as well as natural
    phenomena and objects of inanimate nature determines the life philosophy, the Highlander’s way of
    thinking, forms the basis of his attitude to the world, world outlook, and world perception, adjusts
    interpersonal relations and normalizes everyday life. The life priorities which were chosen by the
    character fully correspond to his internal needs, focused on the preservation and enrichment of
    nature. The culture of communication with nature is an important component in understanding the
    opportunities, priorities of the protagonist in self-discovery. The interdisciplinary approach
    contributes to the concretization of new aspects of understanding the concept of the Ukrainian
    literature hero.
  • hero, ecological culture, eco-criticism, national hero identity, Universe.
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