Bernar G. Thematic net of English drama of absurd

  • This article examines thematic net of English Drama of Absurd based on plays by S. Beckett and H. Pinter. Most citations from the plays suggest that thematic nodes “human emotional state” and “human way of life” are the key ones. Special attention is focused on means and ways of actualization of main existential ideas – misery and monotony of human life, human loneliness and isolation in modern society, absurdity of everything which happens around.
  • англомовна драма абсурду, англоязычная драма абсурда, English drama of absurd, философия экзистенциализма, філософія екзистенціалізму, existentialism, декодування, декодирование, decoding, тематична сітка, тематическая сетка, thematic net, тематичний вузол, тематический узел, thematic node
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