Aleksenko, S. The Peculiarities of English Apologies’ Intonation Pattern in the Formal Register

  • The article tackles a wide range of extralinguistic factors which affect the intonation pattern modification of utterances. It’s proven that in the study of intonation contour variation it’s expedient to confine to such of them as the communicative situation, the relative ratio of social statuses of interlocutors, the degree of emotional colouring of speech and the pragmatic aim of a certain utterance. Prosodic organization of apologies in the formal register is taken as a manifestation of dependence of intonation features of utterances on the situation in which they are realized. It has been determined that middle and low ascending tones, gradually descending scale, moderate tempo of pronunciation, distinct syntagmatic division, middle rate of pausation, widened pitch range and middle pitch level of utterances actualization are characteristic of formal apologies.
  • apologies, communicative types, etiquette speech expressive acts, intonation pattern, formal register.
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