Ermolenko, S. W. & Tokar, A. V. The Words With Migration and Refugee Background

  • The article examines neologisms, in particular the new term in the linguistic sciences, so-called words with a migration and refugee background. This lexicon can also be labeled as buzz words or transient phenomenon. The test has been made to prove that every critical event in a country’s life finds its way into vocabulary. And by applying the neologisms the particular historical events can be better represented and understood. The main purpose of this study is to try to look at the new words taken from the Duden or from the other standard general dictionaries that can already be found in the vocabulary of the German language. The tendency of the neologisms also carries on with the massive refugee stream creating new occasions in large numbers, which leads to bringing new lexemes or new interpretations of the old ones. It is still a question of whether this is good for the German society, but the mixing of some languages already seems to be likely in the future. The growing number of scientists is paying attention to these new lexemes and perhaps researching them in accordance with the social movements.
  • lexicology, neologisms, buzzwords, words with a refugee background, borrowings, mirroring of some occasions on the society life.
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