Ushchapovska I. V. Convergence of Brand Language Elements

  • In the attempt to find a solution for the successful brand formation, scientists have developed different approaches to brand studying. In the article, brand is considered from the linguistic perspective. In particular, brand language, the way brand communicates with the audience, is the object of the study. Therefore, the aim of the article is to identify brand language as an integrative linguistic feature; to state the convergence of verbal and non-verbal elements of brand language when forming a successful brand language. Brand language refers to the words, signs, sounds and other expressive means used to communicate the brand. Brand language comprises verbal and non-verbal identities, meaning it is developed on the verbal and non-verbal levels. Brand’s verbal identity is the words, phrases, and terms used to describe the brand. Non-verbal elements of brand language can be divided into visual and audial identities. Visual identity or visual brand language contains the graphic components that together provide a system for identifying and representing a brand. Audial identity can be described as the unique, proprietary music and sound that emotionally convey a brand’s essence and values. Being perceived, brand language elements blend in the minds of the audience, providing interaction of the words, colors, graphics, and sounds. In the article, we suggest brand language be an example of the convergence of verbal and nonverbal elements.
  • brand, brand language, convergence, verbal identity, visual identity, audial identity, brand communication.
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