Tatsenko, N. Empathy in Discourse: Towards an Embodied Cognitive Semantics

  • This article examines an embodied cognitive semantics of empathy as a linguistic concept, exploring how discourse can be used for its analysis. Following current theoretical interpretations of empirical embodiment findings (including major schematic systems of Talmyan cognitive semantics), it will be shown that the conceptual content of empathy is spatialized in the human mind. A body of empirical evidence based on corpus research and other sources presents convincingly that spatial conceptualization and reification of empathy represented in modern English language might greatly facilitate empathic logical reasoning and understanding. The notion of reified empathy is amenable to innumerable conceptions of spatial pathways associated with a physical object or mass. Along with reification, personification of empathy provides insights into active metaphorical thinking.
  • empathy, embodied cognitive semantics, conceptual metaphor, reification, personification, эмпатия, материализованная когнитивная семантика, концептуальная метафора, реификация, персонификация, емпатія, матеріалізована когнітивна семантика, концептуальна метафора, реіфікація, персоніфікація
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