Smolnytska, O. O. Microcontext and Macrocontext in the Modern Ukrainian Translation Studies: General Symbology in the Selected Lyrics by Sir Philip Sidney(1551/1554–1586/87) and Richard Lovelace (1617/18–1656/58)

  • The article deals with the common leading symbols, for example of the Sonnet XXXIX by Philip
    Sidney and the poem by Richard Lovelace “To Althea, from Prison”. The symbols as the rose,
    garland, Sleep, Cup are taken into account, they are considered as narrow and broad contexts. The
    thesaurus analysis is involved. The contextual aspect light up the question: what the connotation of
    the important symbol of the rose was referring to both poets. The historical realities are researched,
    especially, the known and unknown by these authors. The classical mythology is emphasized, because
    it was used by both poets. In the analysis of the Old English lexemes the etymology and historical
    continuity are given, as well as polysemy, notes on the language problems play. In particular, the
    problems of compactness, the preserving the same rhythm and meter, the alternation of single and
    double rhymes, or, on the contrary, the conservation of the single rhyme. The lyrics are served in the
    originals and translations made by the author of the article.
  • poetry, translation, symbol, context, microcontext, macrocontext, thesaurus.
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