Shvachko, S. Dimensional Measuring of Metasigns in the English and Ukrainian Discourses


  • The subject matter of the article in question is the measuring of metasings in the English and Ukrainian discourses. Topicality of the theme is valid due to its novelty and methodological background. The basic idea consists in the thesis: conceptualization is the foreword of categorization. Methods are determined by the referents of ontology and addresants’ intensions. The problem of nothingness is considered in the vein of cognitive approach which gives the birth to the wouldbe referents. Idea of Nothing is being treated as a triad of approaches – philosophic, linguistic, cognitive attributes. Unrecognized things aren’t verbalized. They aren’t linguocognitive ly dealt with. Recognized and semantically charged, delacunized units are valid semiotic signs in the dimension of semes without lexemes.
  • lacunicon, dimension, lexicon, problem of Nothing, the English and Ukrainian languages, ontognoseological analysis.
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