Shumenko, O. , & Aleksandrova, H. Stylistic Translational Issues Within English- Speaking Political Texts

  • This article studies stylistic issues of translation in the frame of English-speaking political
    discourse. The key difference between stylistic devices and expressive means, tropes and figures of
    speech is defined. The most problematic aspects of rendering stylistic tools in political texts are
    distinguished. Allusions as a translational challenge of rendering nationally biased units in the target
    language are studied. The translational methods and means within the given political texts are
    characterized and the chosen equivalents in the target language are researched. The efficient variants
    of rendering metaphors, euphemisms, neologisms, clichйs and abbreviations within Ukrainian are
  • expressive means, stylistic devices, political discourse, tropes, figures of speech,
    allusions, quotations.
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