Serebrianska I. Ethnic peculiarities of the conceptual sphere of education in the ukrainian language consciousness(based on ukrainian folk proverbs)

  • The article deals with language representation of educational ideas and traditions of Ukrainian people in the texts of proverbs. The ancient interpretation of the words science and education are determined here. There is the author’s thematic classification of proverbs with the words, meaning educational phenomena, processes and actions as their structural elements. Statistics on the functioning of various thematic groups of Ukrainian proverbs about education has been also prepared. The research proves that the Ukrainian people have always had thirst for knowledge, a clear understanding of the necessity of studying, the perception of education as the main factor of the development of individual and society as a whole. The analyzed texts stress the importance of family education, self-studying and practical training, which today are extremely relevant and supposed as European principles. The principles of studying discovered due to the linguistic analysis of the texts are genetically embedded in the Ukrainian ethnic consciousness. They need actualization and further development.
  • concept, word, education, science, language consciousness, proverbs.
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