Prokopenko, N. The Small Text Forms of Humoristic Discourse

  • The article is devoted to the small text forms of humoristic discourse. On the background of small volume text’s view (O.I. Klimkina), aphorisms (I.K. Kobyakova), mini-texts of printing and Internet-sources (K.S. Lomonosova), proverbs (O.V. Soboleva), small Ukrainian prose (O.O. Fedosiy), riddles (S.O. Shvachko) it is making an attempt to determine, for the first time, typological, genre, linguostylistic features of small texts which are caused by comic’s nature. Humor, which is connect with national temper, phycology of the people and mental features by nature, usually realizes in specific short text forms that gives an opportunity in compressed aspect with a help of some linguistic-stylistic remedies, create a picturesque discourse, designed for humorous response. Learning of common concepts, such as expression, emotionality, evaluation and others connotative components gives an opportunity in further to determine different displays of humoristic discourse as a text with appropriate intension to provoke the recipient for some reaction. As any speech act, which provide the intension of author, humoristic discourse is a sociolinguistic, interactive unit, so for organization of such a text we need clear arrangement using those speech features, which are sufficient to texts of humoristic direction.
  • гумористичний дискурс, жанр, комічне, контекст, міні-текст, текст, юмористический дискурс, комическое, контекст, мини-текст, текст, humoristic discourse, genre, comic, context, mini-text, text
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