Popova, O. V. & Khoruzhenko, M. Problems of Directives Translation within Official Discoure

  • The category of directiveness as universal communicative-pragmatic category is widely
    represented in all languages. The phenomenon of this type of utterances was studied in linguistics,
    philosophy and logic. However, important questions of functioning and ways of translation of directive
    speech acts in executive presidential orders remain to be uninvestigated.
    The article deals with adequate ways of translation explicitly and implicitly expressed directives in
    the English official discourse on the material of executive orders of US presidents of the 21st century.
    Also within the framework of this article the specific features of text translation of official discourse
    were studied in general, and special attention was paid to the question of equivalent translation of
    directive speech acts and the variability of its explicit and implicit verbalization in executive orders.
  • directives, implicitness, explicitness, executive order, official discourse.
    DOI: 10.21272/ Ftrk.2018.10(2)-14
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