Podolkova, S. V. Principles of Scientific and Technical Text Analysis

  • Intensive exchange of scientific and technical information makes actual providing effectiveness of
    its сommunication and recipience. The paper considers classification of scientific and technical texts
    based on the criterium of text communicative purport. The research of epistemic and linguistic means
    of influence upon the addressee, peculiar for these texts, shows that the choice of linguistic and
    structural organization of researched texts is determined by their main communicative function –
    informative function. Representation of accurate and detailed factual information, use of terms and
    term combinations, passive syntactic constructions, simple two-member sentences with nominal
    enumeration and homogeneous members, complex sentences with multi-staged subordinate connection
    are means of author’s communicative and pragmatic purport realialisation. The obtained results prove
    that structure and composition peculiarities, exact definitions and clear organization of text
    reprezentation are aimed at the achievement of its main purpose – effective transfer of scientific and
    technical information.
  • Scientific and technical text, communicative and pragmatic purport, factual
    information, terms, term combinations, communicative function.
    DOI: 10.21272/ Ftrk.2018.10(1)-12
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