Ovsyannikov V. V., Slasnaya E. V. Directionality of translation at the faculties of foreign languages

  • The article elaborates on theoretical aspects of directionality in translation in connection with current practices pursued at the University departments of foreign languages in the Ukraine. In contrast to a belief shared by the majority of the academia of this country, translating into a language of habitual use (the only ‘natural’ way of translating) happens to be the most unnatural one in terms of the main objective of foreign languages departments: to bring the student to the level of competence in the foreign language that can be described as ‘near-native’. Unfortunately, translating into a language of habitual use is taken for granted by movers and shakers.
  • мова, язык, language, рідна мова, родной язык, native language, іноземна мова, иностранный язык, foreign language, переклад, перевод, translation, напрям перекладу, направление перевода, directionality of translation, переклад рідною мовою, перевод на родной язык, direct translation, переклад іноземною мовою, перевод на иностранный язык, version, «природність» перекладу, «естественность» перевода, “naturalness” of translation, лінгвістична компетенція, лингвистическая компетенция, linguistic competence,
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