Olkhovska, A. S. Cat-Tools as a Component of Vocational Training: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The article is devoted to the range of problems covering teaching CAT-tools to students of translation departments. The author analyzes different types of CAT-tools and lists their advantages for translators which include higher productivity and easiness in ensuring terminology consistency and in translating the repeating segments. The article also describes possible advantages and disadvantages of using CAT-tools as a component of vocational training and emphasizes the necessity of scientific research aimed at developing a methodology of teaching CAT-tools to students of translation departments. In particular, the availability of a large quantity of information connected with these new technologies, notably the history of creation of the programs, their types, peculiarities of use etc., indicates the necessity of developing a theoretical course that will be supplemented with the acquisition of practical skills of using CAT tools.
  • CAT-tools, translation competence, methodology of teaching, students of translation departments.
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