Medvid, O., Khodtseva, A., & Diachenko, I. Linguopragmatic Translation Features of Business and Military Terminology in Political Speeches

  • The article is devoted to the study of translation aspect of business and military terminology, used
    in political speeches of US Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The main task of political
    text is to manipulate the choice of its recipient through language means. Usage of terminological
    units adds pragmatic colouring to a political speech, hence proper decoding of specific terminology
    provides adequate transmission of communicative and pragmatic aspects and does not violate
    individual style of politician. The main translation transformations of business and military
    terminology are transcoding, calque, generalization and concretization, omission and addition,
    equivalent, antonymous and descriptive translation ─ the article examines and analyzes the specific
    cases of their application.
  • political discourse, political speech, terminological unit, transformation, translation,
    business terms, military terminology.
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