Lukyanova T. H. Genre and stylistic features of subtitle translation (based on english feature films)

  • Our research is dedicated to issues of faithful subtitle translation of feature films from English into Ukrainian, genre and stylistic features in particular. The article deals with the theoretical aspects of feature film translation, defines such terms as film text, film translation, subtitling, compares translations of such linguistic elements as realia, colloquial vocabulary, slang, studies translation of metaphors, metonymy and euphemism.
  • кінотекст, кинотекст, film text, кінопереклад, киноперевод, film translation, субтитри, субтитры, subtitling, реалії, реалии, realia, розмовна лексика, разговорная лексика, colloquial vocabulary, сленг, slang, метафора, metaphor, метонімія, метонимия, metonymy, евфемізм, эвфемизм, euphemism,
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