Kulishenko L. A. & Yaremenko L. M. Language Means of Verbalization of the Ukrainian Mentality (based on Kuzma Skriabin’s fairy-tale “Tarasyk, Trolleybus and St. Nicholas”)

  • The article deals with the problem of the language means of verbalization of the Ukrainian people mentality based on linguistic analysis of the text of modern fairy-tale “Тarasyk, trolleybus and St. Nicholas”. Its author is Andriy Kuzmenko (Kuzma Skriabin), a leader of the musical group “Skriabin”. The research object is predefined by the fact that musician and writer Kuzma Skriabin is a representative of the modern national elite. His spiritual world and creative activity are deeply related to the originality of the Ukrainian people. An attempt to find out the essential features of representation of the concepts “miracle”, “happiness”, “family” and “child” is done in the article.
    Different forms of diminutives and their functions are analyzed here. They are motivated by national psychological features of native speakers, such as tenderness, meekness, lyricism, and others. We also distinguish other characteristics of the Ukrainian mentality, which are reflected in the author’s fairy-tale – individualism, freedom, religiousness, sincerity, mercifulness, and respect to the woman.
    According to the text analysis, concepts “family” and “child” are the most fundamental. They confirm the spasmodicity of Ukrainian literature, which shows the main bastards of the ethnos. The family is a center of a national values system. Education of children, which are the successors of spiritual traditions, also plays an important role in it.
  • mental features, diminutive, concept, miracle, happiness, family, child.
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